Subscription Information 2016-2017
Individual Subscription $1200

Family Subscription


Cap Fee Sunday $100
Cap Fee Weekday
Individuals are limited to capping 3 times per season, and cap fees may be applied towards Dues.


College Student



Social Subscription
(non-hunting, individual or family)
Requested by those who support the hunt but don't ride.
Subscriptions and assessments due by September 15, 2016

Please remit dues to:
Snickersville Hounds
PO Box 1284
Middleburg, VA  20118

The Snickersville Hounds is a private hunt and prior permission is required.

Contact Colvin Ryan at 540-687-6564 or Honorary Secretary Debra Arthur at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 540-687-5747.

We hunt with the gracious permission of the landowners. That permission is not lightly given. Please stay off of seeded areas and keep to the heads of fields; close all gates; notify the Field Master of any damage and stay with the field. Trail riding is not permitted UNLESS you have landowner permission. Appropriate headgear and a suitable, well turned out mount is required. The hunt field is not a proper place to school green horses. Please observe proper hunting etiquette and above all, ride safely. Yield to hunt staff at all times. Observe these common sense requirements and you will always be welcome.




  Please download a waiver and sign and bring it with you.

New waivers must be signed at the beginning of each season even if you have signed one for the previous season.

Guest Policies

Guests are welcome to Hunt with Snickersville Hounds by invitation of current members and then contacting Gregg Ryan or Debra Arthur.

  • Guests must arrive well ahead of starting time to complete release forms and pay Capping fee.
  • Guests must have a valid Virginia Hunting license.
  • Individuals are limited to capping 3 times per season, and cap fees may be applied towards Dues.
  • Guests awarded colors, or visiting staff may wear their hunt's colors.

For information on the upcoming hunt call the Hunt monitor at 540-687-5254

thefieldThe Snickersville Hounds meet each Sunday and Wednesday or as weather permits during the season.

  • All Riders are expected to arrive in enough time to check in with the Secretary and be mounted before hounds are turned out at beginning of the meet. Repeated tardiness that holds up hunting will be handled at the Master's discretion.
  • All fields must stay behind the Field Master and in a fairly tight group. Any horse and rider unable to keep up or continue must notify the Field Master and drop back to second field or retire with permission.
  • All conversation should be at low volume and kept to a minimum. No active cell phones and/or pagers are allowed in the field unless a rider is a practicing physician/veterinarian on call.  Exceptions to the rule only to be made with permission of the Master on the day of hunt.
  • First field is for riders and horses capable of galloping and jumping coops, stone walls and various other jumps up to 3'6" in height. After a refusal, horses and riders must move aside and go to the back of the field. After more than three refusals the horse and rider should return to the second field. 
  • Second Field is for riders and horses capable of galloping and crossing occasional small obstacles through rugged terrain.
  • Members are responsible for guest's etiquette, proper mount, cap fees, introductions to Field Master, and should accompany guest throughout the Hunt. All juniors must be accompanied by an adult chaperon unless the need for a chaperon is waived by the Master.
  • Masters and Staff must be given right of way at all times, always turning your horse so that its head is facing hounds and Staff as they pass.
  • Members of the field are NEVER to speak to hounds without express permission from a Master or Staff.
  • All rails pulled or gates opened must be returned to their original position. Any damage must be reported to the Field Master immediately.
  • Always ride the perimeter of the field to preserve the landowner's crops and fields. Always slow and detour to avoid disturbing a landowner's livestock.
  • Only pass the horse and rider in front of you if they fail to keep up, otherwise stay in your position.
  • If you receive permission from the Field Master to retire from the hunt early, always stick to roads and the perimeter of the field and keep your pace at or below a controlled canter so as not to disrupt the landowner or the ongoing hunt. Having retired from the field, riders must return to the meet, where they may leave for home or wait for the hunt to end. Trail riding is expressly forbidden before, during and after the hunt without the permission of a Master and the landowner.
  • NEVER clean your trailer at a meet and always pick up your trash. Parking is often on wintering hayfields, therefore sweeping out ones trailer is not acceptable.
  • All participants must possess a valid Virginia hunting license and a current Coggins for each horse.

Proper Turnout:

  • Horses should be clean and fit.  Horses that may kick must wear appropriate ribbon and be ridden at the back of the field.  Horses that kick out at hounds will not be tolerated, or allowed back.
    English Tack should be clean, and well fitted.
  • Cubbing attire for men and ladies is black or brown velvet Hunt cap, stock tie with plain gold pin or neck tie, tan breeches, tweed coat, long or short-sleeved shirt (only staff may wear red shirts), black or brown field boots.
    During Cubbing Season in severe hot weather the Master may waive jackets, in which case collared polo shirts will be allowed in any color other than red.
  • We promote the guidelines noted in Mr. Wadsworth's book, Riding To Hounds in America for formal attire. Ratcatcher attire is always acceptable.

Welcome to foxhunting! We love our sport, and are happy to meet anyone with an interest in foxhunting. Following the hunt by truck is a great way to participate in the excitement and beauty, without the expense and danger. If you ride and are considering hunting, you can see what is required from horse and rider, and evaluate your own skill levels. If you don't ride, it's a great way to enjoy our beautiful countryside and learn a little about the sport.

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Hunt Monitor


Please do not leave messages on this number. Call 540-687-5747 if you need to speak with someone.